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    Adding a tag to share on Nexus 7 tablet running on android OS

    I have heard that there is an option to add a tag on my android powered Nexus 7 tablet that can be shared among other devices that can scan through NFC feature. In what way I can add a tag to share on my gadget?

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    Re: Adding a tag to share on Nexus 7 tablet running on android OS

    You have to enter the section with the label ‘My tag’ on your handset. Then you have to hit on the option with the name ‘Add new tag’. There you can select the type of tag you need to share from the options. There a screen containing available options will get displayed. You can paste an URL or else can tap a contact from the options. Then you have to tap on the ‘save’ option to save the tag. Now that tag gets automatically added to the ‘Manage my tags’ list and will be seen as your current tag now on.

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