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    Android ICS upgrade for Sony Ericsson's Live Walkman mobile?

    I heard that the ICS upgrade will be out for Live Walkman mobile by end of June but it's already November and still it's not out. Can you tell me when I will get the upgrade? or it's already there, If so can you please help me to upgrade to the latest version? What are the needed steps I should follow for it?

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    Re: Android ICS upgrade for Sony Ericsson's Live Walkman mobile?

    you cant upgrade your phone using your update center app.
    you have to update your phone using following three methods.
    1)through sony pc companion you can connect your phone to pc.
    you can update your phone using update option from pc companion.
    2)you can go to customer support for flashing phone to ICS which is free of cost.
    3)if you have pc internet and data cable and some knowledge of flashing you can flash your phone by yourself.

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