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    Android market icon on Toshiba Thrive android tab unresponsive

    I am not able to access android market from my Toshiba Thrive android tab for a few days as the icon meant for the application went unresponsive. What are the necessary suggestions to tackle the situation?

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    Re: Android market icon on Toshiba Thrive android tab unresponsive

    Hi friend,
    Try to clear the cache and uninstall the updates of the Android market application..
    1.Go to Applications tab from your tablet

    2.Tap on the "Settings"

    3.Then tap "Applications"

    4.Now go to "Manage Applications"

    5.Tap on the "Market" app

    6.Now tap on the option "Clear cache"

    7.To remove the updates tap on the "Uninstall updates"

    Now restart the mobile and relaunch the app..If the app still not working,then you need to Factory reset your device to get the default apps back...But before doing it,you need to backup your files..Then go to Settings-->Privacy-->Factory Data Reset-->Reset Phone-->Erase everything...
    After then restart the device and look for the android market app..It`ll work for sure..

    Thank you!!!

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