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    Android mobile not able to detect the SIM card

    I have recently purchased an android smartphone from Spice company and it has good look and some best functions as well but what troubles me most is its sim detection issue.I have tried many SIM card but it never shows any signal.Do you have any idea about this issue? If yes then what will help me to solve this issue?

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    Re: Android mobile not able to detect the SIM card

    You can solve this issue by following way and Don't get worried you can easily solve this.
    If your SIM card is not registered with the Connection or Network provider then it does not show you the display icon on the screen.
    So you must register for the Sim card by providing your Address proof.
    Then check the Network settings and search for the manual settings so that it detects the Network available.
    In this way you can check and can work out with your sim card problem easily.

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