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    Android smartphones available in India with prices

    I am Narendra, I am a IT working professional. I want to buy a smartphone, with android OS. Can you please tell me the names, features and the specifications of the top Smartphones with their prices. Also, suggest which according to you will be the best smartphone considering value for money.

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    Re: Android smartphones available in India with prices

    If you want top android phone then you should buy Samsung Galaxy S 3.The cost of this phone is Rs 42000 in market.This phone is equipped with quad core 1.5 GHz.It also provide you 1 GB RAM.It has 4.8 inch SAMLOED screen with 1280x720 pixles.It has 16 GB internal storage & 8 MP camera with flash & also has front camera.Big HD screen nifty feature like Smart stay & direct call,fantastic camera with superb hardware.This phone has 4.0.1 android version that is Ice cream sandwich.Battery 2100 mAh.21 hours of talktime & 590 hours stand by time.ONE OF BEST ANDROID PHONE.

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    Re: Android smartphones available in India with prices

    Hey Narendra

    It depends on how much you want to spend and your range.

    ANdroid phones start from 5000 odd ranging till 40000

    Best phone according to me is galaxy s2 considering it costs about 25000 now

    Above that is sony experia s at 30000

    If you can pay 37000 then go for galaxy s3.

    for low range you have samsung galaxy series like galaxy y, galaxy pop, galaxy pro duos and all

    In sony you have the xperia series starting for 12000 with dual core

    Android has so much options bro, so just check what you need and compare phones and bring the one that suits you the best.


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    Re: Android smartphones available in India with prices

    There are a lot of Android Smart phone that are available in the Market today.
    There is a wide variety to select from and some the TOP android phones are like the Samsung Galaxy S3,S2 Galaxy Note,Samsung Galaxy Nexus,Sony Xperia S. These are few Higher End phone and there are also smart phone which are of Mid Range Such as Samsung Galaxy S,Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V. It is better to go for any Mid range phone as they are worth for the money and you can get all the android experience you need. If you are wishing to go for a Higher end phone you will get Software updates much often compared to the Middle range phones.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Android smartphones available in India with prices

    In the mobile market have the lot of good android mobiles are there.
    here are some of the android mobiles and prices.
    Mobile name Price(Rs.)
    SamSungGalaxy Note - 30,450 /-
    HTC Sensation - 21,899 /-
    Samsung Galaxy S II - 26,249 /-
    SonyEricsson Xperia Play - 22,510 /-
    SonyEricsson Xperia Arc - 22,890 /-
    HTC Desire HD - 18,990 /-
    HTC Incredible S - 19,899 /-
    Samsung Galaxy S - 19,650 /-
    Dell Venue - 12,950 /-
    HTC Desire Z - 18,390 /-
    Samsung Google Nexus S - 25,600 /-
    HTC Desire - 15,990 /-
    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro - 11,025 /-
    Samsung Galaxy Ace - 10,699 /-
    HTC Wildfire - 8,790 /-
    LG Optimus One - 7,500 /-
    Motorola Flipout - 7,475 /-
    The above are the some are latest android smartphones in the popular companys.

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    Re: Android smartphones available in India with prices

    Device Name (Model)
    Price (approx) (INR)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 36-37 K
    HTC One X 33-34 K
    Samsung Galaxy Note 31-32 K
    HTC One S 30-31 K
    Motorola RAZR MAXX 29-30 K
    Sony Xperia S 27-28 K
    HTC Sensation XL 27-28 K
    LG Optimus 3D Max P725 26-27 K
    Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 26-27 K
    Motorola RAZR XT910 25-26 K
    HTC Sensation XE 25-26 K
    Sony Xperia P 23-24 K
    HTC Evo 3D 22-23 K
    HTC One V 17-18 K
    Sony Ericsson Neo V 16-17 K
    LG Optimus Sol E730 16 K
    Sony Xperia U 15 K
    Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos 12 K
    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 10.5 K
    HTC Explorer 8 K
    Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA I509 7 K
    Samsung Galaxy Pocket 6.2 K
    Micromax A45 4.5 K

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