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    Apex Launcher Update Crashed on my Sony Xperia S

    I have just installed the update to this Sony xperia phone & now I canít use my phone. I am left with a black screen & a force close Apex box. Any ideas how I can get my phone working again?

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    Re: Apex Launcher Update Crashed on my Sony Xperia S

    Hi guest regarding this issue... After update your device you may lost internal software settings some times it ill happen like that to skip from that you need to do some manual work. That is first try from your side again reset your device and then process is simple only but it ill get which is your previous OS comes back to that one. First go to the Settings>>Privacy>>factory reset settings ...Do it and before that move all use ful apps to SdCard and also contacts too. After its came back to your OS and again try to update but do not reset simply because process ill slowly get down.., To avoid these type of problems want to download anti virus avast and scan completely... And then use now you ill know some difference while using before. And possible to update new version also. Hope you got it. Thank you.

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