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    Apps stop working on reboot after rooted my HTC desire android phone

    I have a HTC desire android phone. I have rooted my phone last night. Now whenever I reboot my phone, so many notifications are appear on screen that my phones apps are not working properly. I don’t know about the problem. Can you solve it? Solution appreciated.

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    Re: Apps stop working on reboot after rooted my HTC desire android phone

    If you have a nandroid backup as it has to be performed as mantioned in the guide then you can restore that by following the procedure.
    Turn Off the phone and turn ON the phone by pressing "Back+Power" it will boot into boot loader and then press the power button once it will take you to "Fastboot" screen. There if you are prompted for an update press "Vol-" to say No. Then again Press vol- Where you will be able to boot into recovery and then restore the backup. If you dont have a backup then in recovery format\Wipe which will reset your phone to factory defaults you will lose all your application and so it will have root access and proper functionality. If that is not helping then follow this tutorial.
    ope this Helps.

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    Re: Apps stop working on reboot after rooted my HTC desire android phone

    yes rooting your phone causes problem.so unroot your phone.if you want rooting phone,thne try other firmware version.flash your
    phone using that firmware.now root your phone,it can solve your problem,before flashing backup your data first.rooting phone is not
    allowed by manufacturers.if you root your phone by unlocking bootloader then your warrenty is void.so avoid rooting your phone in
    warrenty period.if you want root then you have need foolowing things
    2)1 or more firmwares of different versuions(2 are efficient).
    3)flashtool(sony ericsson) or odinn(samsung) these are flash tools,so chhose as your phone model.
    4)your computer have adb tool enable.so get adb and set path on command prompt.
    5)some logic
    Your done..............................

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