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    Battery draining after Twitter android app update on LG Vortex smartphone

    Last week I got a Twitter android app update on my LG Vortex smartphone. After that it is seen that the battery is getting drained on an abnormal basis. What is the suggested solution to get over this issue?

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    Re: Battery draining after Twitter android app update on LG Vortex smartphone

    hey friend ..

    The battery backup of any phone depends only on the usage of the phone only and not on the apps though it is obvious that if you use heavy apps then those apps needs extra battery of your phone .
    You said that your battery is draining fastly due to the twitter update you did but i think the problem could be due to the fact that the wifi or data connection is taking your battery and not the app.

    You can try out some of the points to increase battery backup of your phone...:

    - The brightness of the phone should be kept as low as possible in which you think can adjust to operate the phone normally
    - Also the vibration of the phone is one thing which consumes the battery more .. so , if you think you dont need the vibration facility then do check it and make it off...
    - Try to keep your phone in power saver mode or sleep mode should be activated...
    - Bluetooth , GPS and WIFI are the features which should be turned off when not in use...

    - Always charge your phone completely and not partially
    - Unnecessary apps being opened in the background also consumes battery ... So , close them when not in use ...

    Other then this yes you can surely change your battery but change only with the original one ..

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