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    Battery reads 1 % on LG Optimus V Android smartphone

    It seems that my LG Optimus V Android smartphone can’t detect the charging status of the battery. Even after charging the device for hours, it shows only 1% as battery charge. How can I tackle the reason behind this issue?

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    Re: Battery reads 1 % on LG Optimus V Android smartphone

    You should go for factory resetting to solve the issue.To perform the reset MENU-SETTINGS-PRIVACY-PERSONAL DATA-FACTORY DATA RESET-OK.Once done phone will be reset,& problem might be solved.You can also installed any battery app which are available in Play Store.Those apps will give so many cool features,with the help of app you can have control over battery use.Below I have mentioned some of the battery apps names.In case you don;t want any app & problem doesn't solve then visit service centre there tell your problem.They fix the problem.
    1. Battery Notifier
    2. JuiceDefender Battery saver
    3. Battery Dr saver + a task killer
    4. Battery Booster
    5. Go power master
    6. Battery widget

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