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    Bluetooth icon stuck on Android Huawei Ascend

    My phone shows the icon for the Bluetooth headset as it shows for headphones jack. Recently i found that it has got stuck up and i cannot hear the calls nor do the person calling hear my voice through the Bluetooth set. How can this be solved?

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    Re: Bluetooth icon stuck on Android Huawei Ascend

    From the description given, it seems that the Bluetooth headset is detected by your phone as a headset jack. So inorder to send the voice signals through the jack it mutes all the speakers, which makes it impossible to send or receive voice on calls. You could try installing a pair of headset and see if it works for them. If it does the above given explanation is correct. You could have a bug or a set of debris on your phone that makes it misunderstand the Bluetooth headset as a normal headphone. You could try in an authenticated antivirus and have a deep scan.It could be also the play of a malfunctioning app, in which case you got to detect it and get it re-installed. The basic step is to try a restore or a restart of your phone.

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    Re: Bluetooth icon stuck on Android Huawei Ascend


    For retrieve the lost icon you need to perform a
    Soft Reset technique:

    :: From the home screen, open the menu button.

    :: Press on "settings" on your device.

    :: Then select and open the “SD & Phone Storage” option after the settings.

    :: Now hit on “factory data reset” which is located at the bottom part.

    :: Then hit on “Reset Phone” so that you will finalize the "Factory Reset" task.

    :: By doing this your Bluetooth icon is come again.

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