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    Booting issue in Sony Xperia Arc S android phone

    I recently attempted a software update for my Arc S handset using Sony PC Companion program. After the download, the program required me to turn off the phone, remove and reinsert the battery and then turn on the phone. I did all of the above, and continued installing the update. The screen then showed an error indicating a failed update attempt. I tried to restart. But while booting, an error sign picture appeared. Are there any solutions to this problem other than a factory reset?

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    Re: Booting issue in Sony Xperia Arc S android phone


    If You don't want to do Factory Reset then your problem will be not solved.

    >> This Problem is caused by your New OS that is not properly Updated and failed in between

    >> There is only one Solution to this problem is Factory Reset

    >> And if you will go to Service Center then they also do the same, Factory Reset.

    I hope You will understand

    All the Best

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    Re: Booting issue in Sony Xperia Arc S android phone

    hey friend...

    The reason for this type of problem in your phone is that sometimes there are few hindrences which occur during the process and also can occur after the process which makes the update process to fail ..

    The common reasons for the update process to damage your phone are :

    - Power failure in phone while update is going on .. So , the process gets stuck in the middle and hence damages the phone
    - Software being updated itself contains bugs in it ..
    - Wrong way of updating the firmware

    If you want that no problem occur and your phone also remains safe then follow the below steps :

    - Make sure that there is full battery in your phone and no power failure occur
    - Only update with the software when you are completely satisfied with the fact that it is safe
    - First check for the correct update process and then continue

    If you follow these steps there is no possibility that your phone will get damaged by the update process ...
    But if it happens then you would need to take your phone to the service centre..

    hope i helped

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