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    BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    I bought HTC One X phone last week, and I took 3G connection also, but I am unable to browse and make video calls with my 3g connection. I tried searching all the websites to find out the APN setting but no luck. Please help.

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    Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    There is no way you can get enough details about BSNL 3g settings online. You have to contact the BSNL customer care and depending on your Mobile device they will give you the APN Number. Also for that to be working you have to be living in a 3G Covered Area.

    Helpful Links: http://www.ap.bsnl.co.in/home/home.asp

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    Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    In order to connect the phone with internet open the "Settings" menu from the application drawer and then select the option as "More" under the "Wireless & Networks" and then select the option as "Mobile Networks" inside that you will find the option to enter the APN select that enter the APN in case of BSNL you have to select the required region that you are residing the APN for BSNL differs from region to region. The APN for north region for example is given by "gprsnorth3g.bsnlmobile.in" if that does not work use "bsnlnet" like wise you can find your APN by searching the APN for your region.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    For BSNL there are area wise APN setting. That means it is different according to
    you live in East side , West Side, North side or East side of India. I am giving you
    the setting detail below for all the area.

    For BSNL north
    APN is: bsnlnet
    dile up number: *99#

    for South it is same as North

    for West it is
    APN : gprswest.cellone.in
    dile up is *99#

    And for South it is same as North

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    Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    Bsnl has different APN based on the different geographic regions..
    so need to call customer care in order to get APN for your region..
    you can try with 'bsnlnet'..
    its a common one and works most places..

    once you have the APN..
    then on your mobile
    Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Networks >> APN.. select and enter the APN..
    this should fix the problem and 3G network should work fine..

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    Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    BSNL network setting, First of all you need to demand for setup from BSNL.
    After getting that you can set it in following manner.

    For BSNL Enter the setting as I am giving below.

    1. Open the phone menu and select setting
    2. In Setting go to network setting
    3. There add a network with followind detail
    APN:- bsnlnet
    Dile Up:- *99#
    4. Then presh finish and OK

    Your BSNL data pack will start to work properly.

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    Cool Re: BSNL 3G problems in my HTC One X

    There's no point in talking to BSNL Customer Care as they don't know the solution to this, otherwise they are quite helpful. Its not their fault that nobody wants to find the
    correct settings.
    I had this problem in November 2012. for 15 days I had been calling them several times as to get the 3G settings on my HTC One X. Every time they gave me the same settings and said that after restarting 3G would turn on. But it never did. On calling again n again, asked me which city I was from. When I told them that I'm from Nagpur, they said
    that there is a temporary problem with 2G and 3G in Nagpur. When asked how long it would take to resolve, they said that cannot be promised, it would take as long as it
    should. Every time I called I got the same answer. I knew that the settings that they gave me were wrong as I had been using BSNL 7.2mbps 3G data card on my laptop and 3-4 of my friends were using BSNL 2G and 3G on different handsets. I told the same to customer care but they were very ignorant though not arrogant (again its not their
    fault as thats what their log book said to respond to such situations, even though that looked so silly).
    Anyway enough of my rants, I actually searched few things on web and mainly this thread, where I found an easiest solution from BSNL's own website.
    Its very simple, follow the steps on your HTC One X as they are mentioned below:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Click on Mobile Network.
    3. Click on Access Point Names.
    4. You will see "APNs" on top left and "Menu" on top right. Click on "Menu".
    5. A dialogue will scroll down with "New APN" as first option and "Reset to default" as second. Click on "New APN".
    6. Enter Name as "bsnlnet".
    7. Enter APN as "bsnlnet".
    8. Enter "Server" as "Any".
    9. Leave everything else as it is. You just need above 3 steps as mentioned in points 6, 7 and 8.
    10. Save the above settings.
    Make sure that Mobile Network is turned on. Your BSNL 3G network will start instantly. Make sure that you are at a good spot where the signal is better, to begin with try from your terrace. The 3G works awesomely fast on HTC One X.
    Hope this works fine for you. It worked perfectly for me.
    Enjoyeeee...... ;-)

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