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    Can samsung Galaxy Duos be upgraded to ICS 4.0?

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Y Duos mobile from last few months and its performance has now dropped to a large extent.Most of my friends are suggesting me to upgrade it ICS 4.0 but i am not sure whether it can be upgraded or not.I have checked it for updates and it shows "No update available".Can you tell me whether it can be upgraded to ICS 4.0 or not? If yes then how?

    Rohit kakar

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    Re: Can samsung Galaxy Duos be upgraded to ICS 4.0?

    officially NO.
    But you have chance to eperience ICS on your phone in two ways
    1) Using custom ROM
    Requirements- ROOTED phone,internet connection,computer and flashing software.
    If you do following then your warrenty is void and it is risky too.
    1.You have to all do is find custom ROM on xda forum,there are custom ROMS available in cynogen mode.
    2.you have to get it and flash your phone.
    3.in custom ro there are some features missing.
    4.your done.my opinion is get stock rom for your phone os you cant get any difficulties and you have security for you phone.
    5.do this on your risk.2

    2)only theme for experience.
    in this method there is no root required.
    you can experieance only graphics experience.
    1)get go launcher x app.
    2)now get go launcher ics theme.
    3)install theme your done.
    4)in this method you would only experience graphics experience.

    posted by,

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    Re: Can samsung Galaxy Duos be upgraded to ICS 4.0?

    No, There are not any officially upgradation provided by the samsung for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. if you want to enjoy the benefits of Ice-cream sandwich(4.0) then you must have to switch your handset. But be sure that next handset is upgradable because the next updated android version ie Jelly Beans is launching very soon.

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    Re: Can samsung Galaxy Duos be upgraded to ICS 4.0?

    No dear..

    You can't upgrade your handset with latest ICS 4.0 Android OS.
    The present Android OS you are using is much compatible because if you tried to upgrade this to 4.0, then your device would be just crashed because it is not much capable enough to tolerate such innovative features on a very low hardware configuration,.

    By the way, you can use ICS theme, wallpapers, screensaver and few software if you want to fulfill your desire.

    Thank You..

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    Re: Can samsung Galaxy Duos be upgraded to ICS 4.0?

    Hi Friend,

    No, there is not, because of that latest version is already in it.
    And that capacity is closed.

    But you can try to change the mobile OS to custom version.

    Then, that is possible to change the Upgrade with ICS 4.0

    To do this solve from going to best software developer.
    And made up device software in custom after it completely flashing.

    I hope you will understood.

    All the Best.

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