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    Can't open photos from my gallery in IBall Andi 3e

    I can't seem to open my photos on the gallery under the folder My Camera. When I click on my camera folder, it will open but when I click on a particular picture, it won't let me. It brings me back to the home page. I can't even attach photos to an email using gallery. I have to use the ASTRO app now just to be able to do that. What can I do? Can someone here help me?

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    Hi dear friend ,

    I can read your problem and according to my understanding..

    you can check your mobile camera setting. i think you can set your mobile photo save preference as your mobile internal memory. so you can capture pic but could not seem in you gallery...

    for resolving this problem you can change your mobile setting and restart your mobile.

    I think you can resolving your problem after followed these steps....


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