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    Celkon Signature HD A119 is losing Data connection while on a phone call

    Celkon Signature HD A119 wouldn’t lose data connection when on a phone call before I rooted it. Since I rooted the phone 2 weeks ago, I have noticed my data shuts off while on a call. Is this normal, or is there a setting I need to change? I am suffering with this for one month. Anyone please tell me.

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    Re: Celkon Signature HD A119 is losing Data connection while on a phone call

    hey friend...

    I think the problem you are facing could be due to network problem ...
    This problem is with every one who uses internet on mobile ..
    I too sometimes face this problem like while using my internet on phone suddenly the data connection gets away and then comes back automatically..
    You dont have to worry for this as its not the problem with your phone but its the network problem ..
    But if the problem exists more then rare then you have to call up your service provider for that..
    Also you can try asking for new internet settings for your phone and then check for the change ..


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