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    Data and MMS service not working in Sony Xperia Sola

    I recently upgraded my Sony Xperia Sola Android mobile to ICS version from Gingerbread. MMS service was not working when I had Gingerbread in my mobile but right after the ICS upgrade the Data service also stopped working. What is the issue? Is it a bug in ICS version? Can you please tell me how to fix this problem now?

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    Re: Data and MMS service not working in Sony Xperia Sola

    hey friend..

    You mentioned that after the ICS update your data service stopped working it is obvious because when there is any update which is installed in the phone then the data service settings gets deleted automatically from the phone..
    So , contact service provider to send you internet settings on your phone ... save those settings and then try to use internet again...

    Also do remember that for mms sending you need to have mms settings saved on your phone ..
    So , if your mms messages are not sending then it must be due to this reason only ..
    But if the data service is on and then also you are not able to use mms service then it could be due to the fact that your phone's software got corrupted ..
    Also it might be possible that it got affected by viruses...

    For this first reset your phone and then try using mms service ...
    Also do software update of your phone and then use the mms service ...

    I am sure that will make the difference .... otherwise take your phone to the nearest service centre and get it checked..


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