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    Which device should I buy, if want to transfer images from camera to device?

    I am looking to buy a tablet for traveling. I want something that I can transfer pictures directly from my camera or SD card to the device so I can upload them online. I want to be able to do this without having to go through a computer. I am debating between a nexus tab and a galaxy tab. The nexus appears to be getting better reviews at this time. I know the galaxy allows for direct transfers, with a USB connector cable or just inserting the micro SD card into the device. Does anyone know if the nexus tab will allow a data transfer connection with USB?

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    Re: Which device should I buy, if want to transfer images from camera to device?

    Here are some suggestions for you to buy some thing new for you in the Travelling and to upload your favorite pictures online from time to time :
    The main device with the camera and picture clarity is that Samsung Galaxy tablet of any version.
    So in that you can find highest 8 Mega Pixel camera and front camera so you can easily get the cam pics where ever you are.
    Then after you can upload them online very easly after taking every picture.
    Then you can also go for the Samsung Galaxy mobiles and HTC desire Android mobiles so that you can have very faster connectivity of internet and you can upload them online.

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