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    Downloaded photos are blurred on Acer mobile running on Android

    The downloaded photo on my Acer mobile which runs on Android appears to be blurred. But there is no issue with other transferred photos or captured photos. In what way I can overcome this problem?

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    Re: Downloaded photos are blurred on Acer mobile running on Android

    There is no much serious issue about this but you have to follow some instructions to overcome this problem :
    Open the menu in your mobile that is samsung ACE mobile.
    Then load the images which are downloaded from any source.If they get blurred then you need to change the format of the image using the properties options that are available with your mobile.
    So after doing this you can set the default format of the image as JPEG so that all the images can be viewed easily in your ANDROID mobile.
    All the transferred photos also can be viewed with high quality in your mobile.

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