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    Dropped my Motorola Fire in the water accidently

    I have dropped my phone in the water accidently. Luckily it was only in the water for a second and I switched it off straight away. Trouble is it was on at that time. It is currently put in a bowl of rice in airing cupboard for a few days. I am afraid that will this phone behave right after the dry? Anyone successfully rescued theirs after similar problem?

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    Re: Dropped my Motorola Fire in the water accidently

    This depends on how much time taken for turning off phone.instead of turning off you had to remove battery first.
    once my phone also got in water and i am also take battery off it quickly and let it dry for 13hrs but there i noticed that no watter is in my phone by opening it back side.it works for me.
    as you say you left it for dry so this is plus point.
    the whole mobile is built on really small circuits and components.however because of case no water get quickly in phone so dont worry.i think your phone will work fine.
    make sure that you have dry it whole before starting phone.i think you have to left it for at least 24hrs for dry.
    now give try for it.
    if it starts then congrats if it not then sorry buddy your phones warrenty is void if it is get in water.you have to spend almost and atleast 50% of your phone price.
    so best of luck.

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    Re: Dropped my Motorola Fire in the water accidently

    Right now can not say anything what will happen to your phone when you restart again.Generally,once phone dropped into water,it doesn't work perfectly.You might face problem after restarting your phone.So,better to restart it & see whether it is working fine of not.If its work then good otherwise better to go service centre.There tell your problem,they will solve it.But you will be charged some amount because you have dropped into water.It doesn't matter whether your phone is in warranty period or not.So,check as soon as possible.

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    Re: Dropped my Motorola Fire in the water accidently

    Hi friend,
    First of all,when you drop the mobile in the water...You must open the mobile and remove the removable gadgets like your memory card,SIM card and very much your battery...If you can remove some other parts,try it and dry it in a warm temperature moreover its better you keep it the sunlight...Before that take a clean dry cloth,clean the battery panel and water entered areas...Keep it for a day in the sunlight...Put the battery and switch on the device...If it is running,then there might be no problem as of now...The battery may get weakened in later use of your device...Since the lithium chemicals are not well in the case of water...

    If you have the problem,it is better to take your device to the service center and say what exactly happened.,they can resolve it

    Thank you!!!

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