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    Facebook App not getting Updated?

    Hi, Iím using Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Version. I have used Facebook App before two weeks in my Android Phone. Now, i tried to use this App. It is not getting Updated and it is showing the contents which were in the last two weeks. It is showing the new update..How to solve this Problem?

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    Re: Facebook App not getting Updated?

    Please make sure that you have a working internet connection and that the application when open and needs to be updated the internet is working also try connecting to a network such as WiFi network and that it is connected properly to that network. If that doesn't help then uninstall the application from the application drawer and then select the option as "Settings" in that select the option as "Applications" in the "Manage applications" tab select the option as "All Applications" and find the Facebook application and then uninstall it so that the application will be deleted clearly and then you can reinstall the application and see if it works properly.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Facebook App not getting Updated?

    Hello Guest,
    You can try to Force Stop the App first before the updation procedure. It helps in most of the cases. An Update to Facebook App is available in Google Play Store. So you can update it easily. Also try to clear the cache of the previous version and clear data of the App. It will be updated easily now. Thank you.

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    Re: Facebook App not getting Updated?


    Is your internet connection working properly or not?? first check that

    then go to the fb app-->>tap on it to open it-->>then press the soft menu key and go to settings-->> the very first link would be refresh interval-->>make it 1 hour i think it would be never on yout phone for which it is not refreshing

    if that doesnt work uninstall the app and instll it again

    That should do the trick

    Thank you

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