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    Facebook App not working Properly

    For three days.now I can't log into my Facebook app. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it keeps saying it can't connect to Facebook servers. I even did a factory reset on my phone. How can I fix this problem?

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    viku viku is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    hello guest,

    there is a high possibility that the app was not properly installed.
    firstly uninstall the app.

    go to main menu and tap on google play store
    when app opens, go to search option and search "facebook"
    tap on desired result and hit install.
    facebook app will be downloaded to your device.

    and check whether you have a valid data connection or not. without data connection app will not be able to communicate with the servers.

    update the app if it is available.

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    Gaurav dutt Gaurav dutt is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    There are three major causes of this problem
    1.your data connection consuming too much traffic and down srever from the app
    2Maybe your email id and password get encrypted with app
    3.the important data or preferences of app is mistakenly deleted.
    Try these solution
    1.uninstall and download again from market
    2.try the upgraded or downgrade version if u found anywhere in the internet
    delete the facebook data folder from sd card or system before downloading new version.
    not sure for these solutions

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    sanjeevk7 sanjeevk7 is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    as you says,You had install fb app so many times but it doesnt work.
    its means there is no problem in apps.
    it is very common problem in android phones so dont worry .i had same problem fews week ago. to get rid from this problem ,see below points

    1.just make sure that Your Internet connection is working while login.

    2.Make sure your internet connections is fast .Try to use 3G network while using fb app.

    3.Make sure all others background online apps are stopped at time of login.

    4.terminate all background apps which are using data connections.

    thats it.
    after this your fb will work for sure.
    Note::::-Use 3G speed network over 2G.
    thank you

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    DURGESH DURGESH is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Hello Dear,

    A lot of sites are nowadays providing various FACEBOOK apps. They design it specifically for a particular handset.

    The facebook app that you are using may not be fully compatible with your phone.

    Their might be another possibility that your application got crashed or not properly installed.

    Virus presence may also result in barring the functioning of your app.


    To get rid from this problem i suggest you to first scan your phone with a good ANTI -VIRUS like McAfee or Quickheal.
    These anti viruses are available in play store.

    Then, uninstall your app and again install it. If it is again not working properly then you should DELETE it and go to
    MARKET or PLAY STORE and download & install facebook app which is compatible with your phone.

    Happy to help you.............

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    Android_master Android_master is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Hello friend,
    There may be some software or virus regarding issue to must have to reset your phone and then try again.

    Remember, by performing a reset, all your data- settings, messages, apps, etc would be deleted.
    So backup up anything important.

    Follow these steps:
    - Go to 'Settings'.
    - Privacy.
    - 'Factory Data Reset'.
    - Fill in your id and password and confirm.
    - You can choose whether to delete SD card data or not.

    After the process is complete, your device would return to its out-of-the-box state or to its factory settings.


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    C.Selvam C.Selvam is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Hi friend,
    You need to remove the cache files of the Facebook on the SD card as well as the phone internal memory..After then uninstall the Facebook application you have.
    1.Go to the Menu
    2.Tap on the "Settings"
    3.There tap on "Applications"
    4.Here tap on the "Manage Applications"
    5.Now look for the "Facebook" application and open it
    6.Tap "Uninstall" to uninstall the app

    After then go to the Google Play store and start downloading the latest Facebook application..You can download the application from this link..Install the application now and it`ll work for sure

    Thank you!!!

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    yogeshp yogeshp is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    hello sir-I think you are entering wrong information like login id or password.so it is harassing you.You should check whether your entered information was correct.if so then you should uninstall facebook application if it is virgin of downloading otherwise go to google play store and update to it.I hope after this it will work properly.thankful

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    sumitnath sumitnath is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Hi friends...

    Facebook App not working Properly

    follow the steps below--

    -->Due to the Facebook apps is corrupt or crashed.
    -->Due to the update problem.
    -->Due to the virus.
    -->Due to the cache .
    -->Due to the internet problem.

    -->Open the home page from the device ,

    -->Click the menu option.

    -->Select the setting option.

    -->Go to the application .

    -->Followed by the manage apps.

    -->Open the Facebook on the screen.

    -->Clear the cache data & history .

    -->If require then press the uninstall option.

    -->Connect the faster connection.

    -->Download & reinstall the latest version.

    -->Scan the device by the antivirus.

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    Rishab goyal Rishab goyal is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Hello sir.

    You have simply follow some of the steps after that your problem will be solved::::::::::::::>>>>>>>>

    * First of all go to the home screen

    * Then uninstall the current Facebook apps

    * Then go to the Google play

    * Then locate the search box

    * Then search the new version of Facebook apps

    * Then find the option of download

    * Then tap on the download

    * After that install in your device

    * Now restart your device

    All the best

    Thank you

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    22virdi 22virdi is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    dear friend please use as the following to solve your problem

    this is the not a big problem

    1.i think this is the your application problem

    2.please change the your application other wise update or re download the application

    3.please check the your internet speed and use the high speed internet

    4.best suggestion for you please download the application again .

    hope your problem is solved ..


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    dhruv_j dhruv_j is on a distinguished road
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    Re: Facebook App not working Properly

    Follow the following steps as shown below :-

    i)Go to "Home screen" on your device.
    ii)Select & tap on "Settings" option from Menu.
    iii)Next choose & tap on "Application " option.
    iv)In that tap on " Manage application " option.
    v)A list of apps will get appear on the screen.
    vi)Now tap on "Facebook" app .
    vii)Next tap on "Clear Cache" option.
    viii)If you still face the same problem then update the latest version of it.

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