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    Galaxy Y keeps locking

    My wife's galaxy y keeps locking. I have to take battery out to sort this out, it can happen when she tries ringing out or when she gets a call. It will not let her cancel call, only thing we can do is take battery out, the fone is about 6 months old, any thoughts anyone, any help would be welcome.

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    Re: Galaxy Y keeps locking

    First of all if the phone keeps on tracking with the lock and locking then you have to change some settings in your phone so that you can solve this problem :
    1.Go with the options of that mobile so that you can change the lock settings.
    2.You have to go along with the proper change of the settings like go to the settings menu and then tap on the automatic lock setting.
    3.Then change the locking period or turn it off so that it never gets locked with out your permission.
    4.Then you need to clarify the call setting that do not hold lock on a call.This can clear you the issue of phone lock.

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