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    Getting an error message (-101) while downloading

    I'm getting a error message (-101) when trying to down load any item from internet. what does this mean and How to solve this issue? Is there anyone who is facing the same issue?

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    Re: Getting an error message (-101) while downloading

    Hi friend,
    "Clear cache" and "Clear History" and also "Clear Cookies" of the browser app you have..Also go to Menu-->Settings-->Applications-->Manage Applications-->Go to the browser app-->Then tap on "Clear cache" and "Clear Data"..Now come back and go to "Download Manager" app..And tap on "Clear Cache","Clear Data"..Now launch the browser app and start downloading the files...Make sure that the file size is minimum of the phone internal memory..Otherwise you can download the apps to the SD card..

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: Getting an error message (-101) while downloading

    The problem with the Market application giving an error message be to a network connection that is not proper in order to get rid of this issue open the application drawer and then select the "Settings" icon using that you will be able to change the settings of the network and there by making it work properly. If then then problem is not solved then in the settings menu you will find an option as "Applications" selecting that you will be able to clear the data and cache of the Play Store application doing that will reset the application to factory defaults and then you can use the application properly.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Getting an error message (-101) while downloading

    Hello friend

    this error message may be because your internal memory do not have enough space.
    So follow following procedure

    1>>tap on "menu".

    2>>go to "settings".

    3>>enter in to "applications"

    4>>now go to application manager.

    5>>there click on all tab.

    6>>go to google play apps.

    7>>there you have to uninstall the app

    as the memory becomes free you should be able to successfully download apps

    try this

    now you can download apps.

    Thanking you

    visit again....

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    Re: Getting an error message (-101) while downloading


    Error message 101 generally comes when your cache memory is full. All you need is that clear it. This can be done easily by following some simple steps.

    Here are those :

    >>>>> Launch MENU & tap on SETTINGS icon ,

    >>>>> Select "APPLICATIONS" there,

    >>>>> Inside that you need to tap on "MANAGE APPLICATION",

    >>>>> Here you will get the browser in which your downloading problem is residing.

    >>>>> Hit on that,you will get option of CLEAR CACHE option, clear it.

    >>>>> Finally your job will be done.


    PLEASE VISIT AGAIN.............

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