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    Getting low storage warning in Micromax A73

    From two days in micromax a73 whenever i try to run any application i am getting your device is having low storage area due to which i have uninstall lot of program but after uninstalling also i am getting same message what to do.

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    Re: Getting low storage warning in Micromax A73

    You need to follow the instruction in order to maintain your device memory.

    1-Firstly move all your apps and games to external sd card for this-

    * Go to settings.
    * And then go to application option.
    * And then go to manage application option.
    * And then select your apps and move it to sd card.

    2-Also uninstall some of your unwanted apps from your device.
    3-Also clean caches and history files from your device in order to work your apps smoothly.
    4-You can also install memory cleaner apps from Google play store in order to manage your memory of your device.

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