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    Getting notification for new Ted talk videos?

    Can you tell me how can I get the notification for the new Ted talk videos which are getting added? or the news for the recent Ted talks happening around? Provide me the information soon as possible for me as I want the update about the Ted talk always and I am really interested in it.

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    Re: Getting notification for new Ted talk videos?

    You should Download Talking Notification Girl 1.37 for your android device.
    The latest Talking Notification Girl 1.37 has been updated on January 19,
    2013 and requires android 2.1 or above for the best performance. That means
    your phone is comfortable with this app.

    So just use this app for notification as your required. Notifications can be
    presented in an animated Girl Avatar view which can speak out your text
    messages, mails and other events in a nice way.

    Apart this If you find your phone is talking continuously even after uninstalling
    Talking Notification Girl App then follow the below steps

    1. Settings
    2. Then Accessibility
    3. And in last TalkBack
    4. Notification Girl

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