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    Getting proxy server error with Google Chrome on Google Nexus 7 android tablet

    Whenever I use Google Chrome on my Google Nexus 7 tablet running on android operating system, I keep getting the error message about proxy server. The message prompts me to use wrench to correct the issue if I am not using proxy server. But, I canít find wrench on any screen in the tablet. What are the steps to be taken for resolving this issue?

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    Re: Getting proxy server error with Google Chrome on Google Nexus 7 android tablet

    If you are facing the problem with the proxy server error then you have to choose the google chrome browser and then make the changes as follows :
    1.Open the google chrome browser and then you can change the proper out put settings so as to get the correct proxy server settings.
    2.Then choose the Security settings so that there you can see the DNS server settings as well as proxy server settings so that you can change those with your Android device.
    3.This steps can be followed because you can easily make it possible with the Google Nexus folders.
    4.The browser can be worked perfectly if you change the corresponding proxy server settings.
    5.You can improve the performance of the browser automatically.

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