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    Gmail application on android phone not finding imported e-mails

    I am using a Samsung android phone. The issue is about the inability of Gmail app in android to search for the imported e-mails. Where as the Gmail on desktop I working fine and is able to find the imported e-mails. Is this an issue with my android phone? Please clarify.

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    Re: Gmail application on android phone not finding imported e-mails

    The problem with the G-mail application in your android phone not being able to find the mails that are present in the phone might be due to the fact that the application is not working properly in order to make the application work properly you have to uninstall the application by opening the "Settings" menu from the application drawer and then selecting the "Applications" menu where you will be able to find the G-mail application and then Uninstall the application. Once the application is uninstalled, install the application again and see that the problem is solved.
    Hope this Helps.

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