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    Google Galaxy Nexus can’t refresh the ‘Gallery’ app

    For the past few weeks, my Google Galaxy Nexus is not refreshing the ‘Gallery’ app. Therefore, I am not able to view new apps and folders added to my phone. In what way can I restore it into normal state?

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    Re: Google Galaxy Nexus can’t refresh the ‘Gallery’ app

    The problem with the Galaxy Nexus phone not being able to update the Gallery application can be solved by opening the application from the "Settings" menu in the application drawer and then select the "All applications" menu inside the "Applications" menu there you will be able to find the Gallery application if that is running then "Force Stop" it. By force stopping the application you will be able to restart the application so that the application will also be refreshed there by solving your problem. Once you have Force Stopped reboot the phone and then open the Gallery again and see that you can see the files that you have recently updated in the phone are visible in the Gallery.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: Google Galaxy Nexus can’t refresh the ‘Gallery’ app

    hello guest
    welcome to our forum
    this problem may be due to strong virus attack on your device
    just follow these steps
    1 goto you app store
    2 search for antivirus
    3 get a good latest version
    4 install it
    5 scan your device iwth it
    6 restart it
    7 now you will able to refresh your device
    good bye

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