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    Half message is received in LG Optimus T

    If somebody sends me a long text it will have two parts in the message and i will get only the last part of the text. I never receive the first part of the text which is a very problematic and irritating. Please help in this regard.

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    Re: Half message is received in LG Optimus T

    hey friend..

    The problem of sms messages that is you are not able to receive full text messages is due to the problem in network only..

    Also the reason could be due to the fact that your phone's software got corrupted ..
    Also it might be possible that it got affected by viruses...

    Firstly call up to your network service provider and ask for the problem to be solved
    Also you can try by resetting your phone and then try receiving messages ...
    Also do software update of your phone and then use the sms service ...

    I am sure that will make the difference .... otherwise take your phone to the nearest service centre and get it checked..


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