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    Hanging issues while multitasking on android powered HTC Aria phone

    While I perform multi tasks on my android powered HTC Aria phone, the device hangs in between blocking the smooth usage. But the device is working perfectly while dealing with individual tasks. What shall I do to tackle the situation?

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    Re: Hanging issues while multitasking on android powered HTC Aria phone

    if your phone is running on android version 4.0 Icecream sandwitch then you have option called background process.
    1)go to settings.
    2)now select developer options.
    3)there are three options.
    if you dont want your phone hang then enable the option dont keep activities.
    You can also limit the background process like max 2 or three.

    you can also try to reset your phone that may improve your phone performance,before reset backup your all data.
    to reset phone follow steps below.
    1)go to settings.
    2)select backup and reset.
    3)select reset phone factory.

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    Re: Hanging issues while multitasking on android powered HTC Aria phone

    hey friend...

    There are few points whom you have to look upon so that your phone doesn't get overloaded and hangs...

    - First of all is the internal space of your phone ... Always make sure that your phone's internal memory is always as free as possible
    - Scan your phone for any virus and clear it off using good antivirus software
    - There must be no multitasking in the phone without any use..
    - Close all the background running apps or uninstall unnecessary apps from the phone
    - Clear or delete all the cache , cookies , browsing history from the phone after using internet
    - Also restart your phone time to time ....
    - Update your phone and check for the latest updates available ..

    hope i helped

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