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    How to add a city to the World Clock screen in android?

    I was not able to find the time zone of the city that i am residing in my newly bought android phone. How to add the city of my choice to the World Clock Screen application in my android device?

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    Re: How to add a city to the World Clock screen in android?

    In order to add the city of your preference to the world clock screen all you have to do is navigate to the application from the application drawer and then open the world clock screen there by pressing the menu key you will be able to find an option as to search for the city that you live in. Search for the city along with the country name by separating them with a comma once you hit the search button then it will give you the available cities in its database select your city and have a track of the time.
    Hope this Helps.

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    Re: How to add a city to the World Clock screen in android?

    go to world clock app and add city to app.
    if you cant get idea then i think you have to get another app from market (google play)
    search world clock to app store then you get list of apps that free of cost.
    so install one and add any city to app.i have got one app that provide widget that provide different city
    names with time.
    your done...............

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