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    How to check the data balance on Sony Tablet S running on android?

    I am using a cellular data connection on my Sony Tablet S running on android for browsing. I need to check the monthly data balance available on my device to adjust with the usage. Which section on the device deals with all these things?

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    Re: How to check the data balance on Sony Tablet S running on android?

    There is no such feature available on your device.To know about the data balance you must contact your network provider & tell them that you want to know the data which you have left.Some companies like Idea send messages everyday to those customer who have subscribed data scheme.But not all the companies better to way to come to know is to call there & then come to know.Your device can not tell you about your plan until you install third party app.There is an app "Onavo Count" once install this app then set the data plan in the beginning of the month & will come to know daily usage of data.

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