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    How to hide perosnal vidoes in samsung s duos 7562?

    I am using Samsung S duos and there are so many videos which are very important so I want to hide it from others. Is there any way to hide these videos? If yes then kindly provide a step by step procedure for the same.

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    Re: How to hide perosnal vidoes in samsung s duos 7562?

    There is way to hid personal videos,messages,contacts,pics,apps etc.But for that you have to install third party application.The name of the app is Super Vault.This app is compatible with almost all kind of android devices.You have to install that app from Google Play Store.Once installed can hide any thing.Super vault is one of the best app available in Google Play Store.So,install the app from Google Play Store & hide the videos.

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    Re: How to hide perosnal vidoes in samsung s duos 7562?

    you can keep the any video , messages , pictures or any file hidden in your android just download and install the software KeepSafe.
    KeepSafe is the application software in which you can store the your private video , pictures , images or any other files personally.

    --> first , you have to download and install the KeepSafe software in your android.
    --> now set the your pin which you have to kept personally.
    --> Go to your gallery in android and select your personal video.now select the option "share".now click on "KeepSafe".
    --> now your personal video is store in keepsafe.
    --> now open your keepsafe galleary and go to your personal video which you want to hide.long press on that video.now new pop up window will appears.click on "unhide"

    now your video will not appears in the public gallery.you can see only it in your keepsafe gallery by entering your pin.

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