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    How to improve the Mozilla browser performance on HTC Flyer android tab?

    I frequently browse on my HTC Flyer android tab during my free time. Now a day, the performance of the browser is too poor and is taking too much time in switching between tabs and all. How can I improve the performance of this tab browser?

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    Re: How to improve the Mozilla browser performance on HTC Flyer android tab?

    you have to either update your browser or if there is no update then clear cache and data remember that after doing this your all bookmarks and saved data.
    follow steps below to clear data.
    1)go to settings.
    2)open option apps.
    3)now tap on tab all.
    4)select and tap the firefox browser.
    5)you will see option clear data and cache.
    6)tap on both.
    7)restart the browser.
    if you till having some issue then you have to try other browser.
    there are lot of browsers that are better than firefox. as below.

    1)google chrome(must have and it is only for above ics and its free).
    2)original android browser.
    3)UC browser.
    4)opera Mobile browser.
    5)skyfire browser.
    6)dolphine browser HD.

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