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    How to root an Android Mobile?

    I am an user of samsung Galaxy Ace duos mobile and want to root it.I know that rooting has so many benefits so i want to know the common procedure for rooting an android mobile.Is there any such method?

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    Re: How to root an Android Mobile?

    steps to root an android mobile:

    1.plug in and connect your device to your computer usb

    2.unplug and reconnect but this time select charge only to sure that your phones sd card in not mounted to your pc

    3.put your android into usb debugging mode

    4.open the sourceone click folder you have downloaded and run superoneclick.exe file

    5.click on the root button

    so simple

    hope the information is helpful for you

    regards srilekha

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    Re: How to root an Android Mobile?

    In the rooting process , you can access entire operating system without any restriction.

    Rooting your android mobile

    --> Download & install superoneclick software for android
    --> By one click , you rooting process will start
    --> It will takes few minutes
    --> Restart your android device

    Disadvantage of rooting android
    --> It will terminate your android's warranty
    --> security risk will rise
    --> Bricking your device.

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    Re: How to root an Android Mobile?

    hey friend ..

    I would like to tell you that the thing you are thinking to do is possible but i will not recommend you to do so ...
    Every phone has got its own hardware and software specifications ...
    The updates which come for the phones or mobiles device depends on the brand or company also ...
    Like we can say that some phones are compatible or supported to be used in higher versions of the software while some gives error after the update due to the non supported / incompatible software version being installed in the phone ..

    You can do this by rooting the firmware of your phone which will give you opportunity to use your phone in the higher versions of the software and the updates which are also not meant for the phone ..
    But first of all i would like to tell you that doing this will lose your warranty of phone if you try to root your phone ..
    Rooting your phone is not allowed by the manufacturer and hence when your root your phone and it gets damaged in between the process then there is no responsibility of the company persons and hence you will also not get any type of warranty related help for your phone ....

    So , look out for this and better update the software only which is available specifically for your phone by the company itself though you can also root your phone but only if the rooting procedure is provided by the manufacturer of your phone...


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    Re: How to root an Android Mobile?

    Hello my dear Friend ...

    Kindly follow the below steps carefully

    With ROOT access you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer may have applied

    You have to download and install the Unlock root on your mobile

    Go to the MENU

    Navigate to the SETTINGS .. then click on APPLICATIONS

    After that go to the DEVELOPMENT ... Check the box

    Connect to your mobile

    Click on Unlock Root && Click on the ROOT option in your application

    That is it


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