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    How to Root and Upgrade tecno t3 mobile?

    Hello everyone.
    Excuse me. I have a Tecno Dual Sim Android ''version 2.3.5'' with ''Kernel''. Cpu 800 mhzn Ram 150Mb. my smarth run often too slow because of some factory apps. I've tried to root with one click program but no success. I've heared that version 4.1 is smoothed and stabilisated. I've a recovery tool that my phone come with. But the upgrade have been too unsuccessfull (by downloading a pack for "from 4.0 to 4.1" for samsung...).
    Please help me

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    Re: How to Root and Upgrade tecno t3 mobile?

    Hi, I've got a tecno t3 mobile and I want to try every possible way to root it, but I'm reluctant to do it because I don't have any recovery tool. If you found a way to send me your recovery softwares, I can proceed safely with rooting/ installing custom ROM. Then, when I succeed, I can give you back a tutorial.

    With only Go keyboard eating 20MB of 80MB available for all running apps, this device becomes really useless.

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