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    How to transfer Games Data to external Memory Card?

    I am using lg optimus 2x. I installed some games but i am unable to transfer them on my external sd card. when i transfer the data's of the game, the game doesn't run. Are they transferable ?? If yes then kindly provide a way to do the same.Why it effects the game,when I transfer the data of Games.

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    Re: How to transfer Games Data to external Memory Card?

    Hi guest,
    You cant transfer your games data to external memory card because the game has been installed in system memory of your device, if you try to transfer it you will loose the data.
    But there is a solution for your problem, you need to get you device root with flashable ROM(warning:this method is not advisable) then you can install games or any other app directly to your external memory card.

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    Re: How to transfer Games Data to external Memory Card?

    Some games can be transferred SD card & Some not.It is possible to transfer the games in SD Card.But make sure you have enough space for those games.First go to menu from your home screen.There will see settings denoted as option.Tap to open,once open will see Applications.Tap on the Applications,will see Manage Applications as an option.Now again tap on Manage Applications,a new page will be opened.In that will see those apps which you have installed along with games apps.Tap that game APP which you want to transfer to SD Card.Once tap, a new window will be opened,in that window below will see Move To SD Card.Once you tap that game will be moved to SD Card/external Memory.

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