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    How to use android camera as Webcam with PC

    I used to do video chats and conferencing through my PC using the Webcam. But now it is in repair state, I am planning to use the camera in my android phone as Webcam. How can I make it possible?

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    Re: How to use android camera as Webcam with PC

    To accomplish this, you have to install IP Webcam and IP Webcam Adapter to your phone and PC respectively. Confirm that both are connected to same Wi-Fi network. Connect your android phone to the PC so that it will recognize the phone as webcam. Launch the app on android and set up the resolution accordingly. Use login password if you want security to connect to public network. Scroll down to the bottom part of the app screen and tap the ‘Start server’ option. Open web browser on your PC and enter the address displayed in the camera mode. On doing so, you can view the IP Camera page on the browser. The next step required is to click the ‘Use browser built-in viewer’ link and check whether the input is received from phone camera. Once the connection gets established, launch the IP Webcam Adapter and enter http://<ip address>:<port number>/videofeed and click the ‘Autodetect’ button. Provide the username and password if needed. This tool will then communicate with the app and set up the needed parameters automatically.

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