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    How to use WhatsApp Messenger?

    Hi, i recently bought Samsung Galaxy Pocket with Android Gingerbread Version. I heard many of my friends saying that WhatsApp Messenger is a good App for Messaging. I donít know how to use it and what are the features it has? Can somebody help me with some good insight into it?

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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?

    WhatsApp is the app which you let you send messages free of cost.You have to install this app from Google Play Store.Once you downloaded the app then have to create your account by providing your mobile number.Then that app will be automatically connected to those contacts who is having that app.& will let you know about it when you open WhatsApp Contacts.You can send SMS,Pictures , Video or you can also immediately send any recorded video or audio.This app is totally free to use.You can send national as well as international messages.So,install this app & enjoy.

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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?

    Hello Friend,
    Yes, WhatsApp Messenger is an awesome app .

    How to use----
    -It is absolutely free in Google Play Store, download and install it.
    -When will open it, it will ask you for your mobile no..when you enter it and press ok, it will send you a verification code as a message.
    - Go to your message inbox , copy the verification code and enter in the required field in whatsapp app.
    - Now WhatsApp will search for your friends who have also installed the same app and will add them to your contacts.
    - Now you can start chat with your friends.

    - You can chat,send photos,videos,recordings etc.
    - This app is supported in most of the formats like in android,iOS,Symbian etc.
    - Supports PUSH mechanism, you can send offline messages.

    *NB- You must have internet connection

    thank you

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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?

    Yeah WHATSAPP MESSENGER is the best app till dtae for free messaging.
    Free unlimited text messaging using mobile data plan
    24*7 non stop service
    mms can be sent for free such as photos,videos,audio,contacts,location
    Free only for 1 year.
    after that 0.55$ per year.
    Only connected to the person having whatsapp.
    Not valid for non smart phones.
    That`s it...
    Hope this helps...

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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?

    hello friend ,

    Whats APP Messenger has become very popular and a must for catching up with friends .
    You can download it on your andriod phone from the play store for free, only re.1 will be charged after downloading and installing it .
    Wats app will directly sync your contacts list and whoever will have a wats app account will automatically come in your wats app messenger contacts list .
    wats app is very easy to use , chatting , sending files, photos and music are so easy to do and fun also.

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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?


    These are the few things which will be helpfull for you to know more on watsapp:

    -->> A very large global user base.
    -->> Directly recognizes contacts from your phone book.
    -->>It eliminates needs for texting.
    -->>you can share pics, videos

    To download it go to playstore, its free of cost.
    Open it-->>it will ask you for your phone number to validate -->>enter it you will get a sms on that number-->> give the code to activate watsapp
    After that you can go to contacts and see how many of your friends and family members are using watsapp.

    A valid data connection is needed though.


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    Re: How to use WhatsApp Messenger?


    it a awesome device..
    you can download it for free through net..
    it will be easily available in google play store..
    this application will be only install in android phones..
    through this you can send message to your friends and relatives for free..
    you can send videos,songs...etc...
    just download it from play store..
    and then install it on your device....
    when you will open the application..
    then it will ask foe your mb number..for the verification..
    then it will send a code on that mb number..
    then you have to enter that code on this application..
    then you can add your members which are using watsapp..
    through your phone book..


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