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    HTC One sound plays even in silent mode

    I got HTC one a few days back the features of the phone are amazing though I have a problem whenever I keep my phone in silent mode and any notifications arrive the sound plays for the notification.is this is a bug does anyone experiencing this problem or only me.

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    Re: HTC One sound plays even in silent mode

    hello friend ,

    I think your mobile is effected with the virus or any corrupted application can run internal and irritates you for that reason you have to reset your mobile or uninstall all unknown application which you installed in past days. and then install the applications which you want later ..

    1st you have to reset your mobile with factory reset option ....

    process :

    ---> go to menu
    ----> go to settings options
    ----> go for privacy and then ----> go for reset factory option..

    Note : before resetting you have to get imp data to your sd card and save your data in SD cards.

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    Re: HTC One sound plays even in silent mode

    During silent mode no sound play except media and alarm if you set an alarm that may play
    during silent mode.Other sound play during silent there may be some virus issue appear
    in your device.Scan your device with good antivirus.Still facing same problem then factory reset your device.
    Go to settings then select privacy setting then do factory reset.

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