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    Images clicked on Tablet gets yellow

    While taking pictures on Samsung GT-N8000 tablet, images turn out to be yellowish. It constantly flashes error messages about storage space for images. I am not able to click and save images while I am on the move. Please suggest me the way to troubleshoot this problem.

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    Re: Images clicked on Tablet gets yellow

    hey friend ...

    I would like to tell you that this is not the problem with your tab nor with the SD card but your tab is showing low memory just because of the low internal space of your tab ...
    Or you can say that your tab's internal memory is full..
    Also i might be possible that there are many applications or operations going on simultaneously which cause this memory issue

    The problem also occurs if you have not set the camera's default memory to SD card as when you buy a new tab the default memory for almost every app or feature like camera , messages , contacts , videos , etc is set to tab's internal memory and hence you are not able to use camera easily as it shows low memory error ..

    To solve this issue first of all set the camera's memory to SD card and then just free up your tab's internal memory...
    If problem persists then take your tab to the service centre and get it checked ...


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    Re: Images clicked on Tablet gets yellow

    You tab converts your shoot image to yellow.

    It means you tab has problem with running camera app.

    Either there is low space in phone memory to process the phone easily.

    So close all other unwanted apps which are opened in background.

    Now make space in internal memory of your phone.

    Also internal memory may be used for storing images.

    So set sd card memory as default storage memory.

    Ensure that sd card also has free space.

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