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    Insufficient space on my Samsung tab 2

    I have trouble downloading apps from the market. I keep getting the insufficient space error. I have uninstalled market updates and also used various cache cleaners, Deleted message and call history. Lastly I tried to move apps to my SD card but it is not working. The space error is affecting this too.

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    Re: Insufficient space on my Samsung tab 2

    If you are facing the Mentioned problem then follow the below steps :
    Go to your SD card option that is in the file manager of your mobile.
    Then after opening your SD card files you should see the apps that are consuming more Memory and the unwanted music ,video files also you have to select.
    After Marking them you must delete them so that there would be a free space available for you to download the applications.
    There fore you can download your applications again.

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    Re: Insufficient space on my Samsung tab 2

    hello friend this problem can be remove easily if you will do this taskas you should go to main menu and here you should tap on setting .at setting you will find the submenu named applications.applications menu contains all data that is consuming by applications.you should tap on 'applications running'.?all applications can move directly to sdcard and can free phone memory to install new applications.thanks

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    Re: Insufficient space on my Samsung tab 2

    Hi Friend,

    There is because of unknown apps are installed in device, and there is no space to open other app in device,
    to clean it to solve this issue...

    >> Also Clear all caches on your phone,
    >> then move any apps you can to SD storage OR uninstall any apps you don't really (really) need.

    I hope you can understood.

    All the Best.

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