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    Internal memory not read by my Sony Xperia P phone

    I can see only the pictures and music from my external SD card, but when I go into astro file manager then it is not there. This is installed in the phone memory. All the content in the phone memory are not working. I have tried to turn off and on again, but no any effect. Please help me.

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    Re: Internal memory not read by my Sony Xperia P phone

    Uninstall the Astor File Manager, Looks like you are organized the data with the Application and now seems to be struggling hoe to have access to the data.before uninstalling make sure you have not kept the data inside the Application, it will also be lost.

    Connect the Device to the Computer, where surely you can access all the Files stored in the Internal as well as External Memory. Just access all the folders there and organize Accordingly.

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    Re: Internal memory not read by my Sony Xperia P phone

    In order to check that your phones internal memory is functioning properly open the "Settings" menu from the application drawer and then select the option as "Storage" in that storage there will be a option displaying the internal memory available in your phone to check that the files are available in your phone if the internal file memory displays the total amount of file space you had then those files are available in your phone. Please make sure that they are not stored with a folder name starting with "." as these files will be hidden in your phone and might not be visible in your phone so connect it to your PC to check that it is visible or not. Also make it is not hidden file in your PC. If this not helping then there is nothing that can be done you have to reset the phone.
    Hope this helps.

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