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    Internal memory is not responding well on my new Samsung galaxy grand

    I'm having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy grand. I have a red SD card icon popping up in the corner with the warning- “Memory Full. Internal phone storage space is nearly full. Delete/Uninstall some applications or data and try again” I've had the phone for less than 2 weeks. I've taken a handful of photos, I only sync up 1 day of Gmail mail, and no labels. I have downloaded only 10ish apps (I’ve deleted 5 or 6 since it was full to no avail). Why is this showing this type of message?

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    Re: Internal memory is not responding well on my new Samsung galaxy grand

    Now a days many android users have been facing memory full issue.This problem might be solved if your perform factory reset.Below I have mentioned the steps to solve the issue:-

    • Unlock your device to get into home scree.
    • There will see an icon in yellow colour.That known as "Settings".
    • Open that & will see many options.
    • Scroll down there will see an option as "Privacy".
    • Hit that option to open.A new window appear with different sub options.
    • Now chose personal data.
    • Under that tap over "factory Data reset".
    • Once done phone will ask for permission tap over OK.
    • After that phone will be reset & problem could be solved.

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    Re: Internal memory is not responding well on my new Samsung galaxy grand

    hey friend ...

    Your phone is showing low memory just because of the low internal space of your phone ...
    Or you can say that your phone's internal memory is full..
    Also it might be possible that there are many applications or operations going on simultaneously which cause this memory issue

    To solve this issue first of all just free up your phone's internal memory...
    You have to look upon this that what data is there in your phone's memory which you can delete or move to SD card..
    Contacts , messages , calender , etc can also take the memory of phone . So , look out for that too ..
    Uninstalling the apps can also be done but you have to make sure that the apps you uninstall are installed in the phone only and not in the SD card ..
    also you can try resetting your mobile and then see if the problem solved..
    And also clear the caches , browsing history , cookies , etc and then use the internet...


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