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    Low memory space in HTC Butterfly after using internet

    I have been facing memory space issues in my HTC Butterfly. On attempting to surf internet , message about low or no memory always pops even though no download is in progress. I have checked the SD card too. What can be done for this problem?

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    Re: Low memory space in HTC Butterfly after using internet

    hey friend ..

    Your phone is showing low memory just because of the low internal space of your phone ...
    Or you can say that your phone's internal memory is full (not the SD card memory)..
    Also it might be possible that there are many applications or operations going on simultaneously which cause this memory issue

    To solve this issue first of all just free up your phone's internal memory...
    also you can try resetting your mobile and then see if the problem solved..
    And also make sure to always clear the caches , browsing history , cookies , etc from your phone regularly after using the internet..


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