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    Making Android touchpad ready for resale.

    I had been thinking of swapping my HPTouchPadfor a new Nexus 9 with 4G soon. I have partitioned my TouchPad to WebOs and ICS. How can I scrub off the data on both of them without damaging them?

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    Re: Making Android touchpad ready for resale.

    You could have all your personal data scrubbed off well without affecting the partitions but I feel your idea for swapping is not very great. You could keep it with you if you do not have any economic intentions on the resale. This is because though Nexus 9 has many additional features, the screen would not be big enough for certain applications and you would not feel comfortable with it after using HP. Now to get the TouchPad cleared, first do the factory reset on the ICS side. Wipe off the SD card and clear off all the personal data after making a back up. After this is done do a factory reset on WebOS. It is not particular that you should follow this order for partitions. This wouldn’t make much of a difference. You could also use apps like acme uninstaller to remove CM9.

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    Re: Making Android touchpad ready for resale.


    Before selling the android touch pad you need to
    follow the below instruction:-For the ICS system:-

    -> From the home screen, open the MENU button

    -> Press on "SETTINGS" on your device.

    -> Then select and open the “SD & Phone Storage” option after the settings.

    -> Now hit on “Factory data reset” which is located at the bottom part.

    -> Then hit on “Reset Phone” so that you will finalize the "Factory Reset" task.

    For the CM9:-

    -> You need the acme uninstaller.

    -> Install the
    acme uninstaller and remove the CM9.


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    Re: Making Android touchpad ready for resale.

    Hello friend,

    I will help you to solve your problem,don't worry just follow as i say.

    1.Firstly the only way to make you tab set for resale is to reset it to factory settings.

    2.For that firstly go to the main menu of your device.

    3.And then go to the option of 'Settings' tab.

    4.Now tap on the option of 'Privacy' tab.

    5.Now go for the option 'Factory reset' tab and complete the whole process.

    All the best..........................................

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