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    MMS Notification not working in "Go SMS Pro"

    I am a Samsung Galalxy SII user. I have started using "GO SMS Pro" so disabled its stock messaging application. The application worked perfectly for few months but now, I am not able to receive MMS messages. However, I am able to receive MMS messages via my stock Messaging application. I am using an Android 4.1.2 in my Mobile. Kindly assist me.

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    Re: MMS Notification not working in "Go SMS Pro"

    Consider this issue...

    In your device Go SMS Pro. Apps are lost some internal settings so its not working well..

    Then uninstall that apps and download newly apps from the play store..

    After that check the MMS Settings whether install or not if you lost means call to the service provider.

    And get back what you lost..

    Scan your device with anti virus software completely..

    Hope you got it.Thank you..

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