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    Mobile Hangs too much after installing Go Launcher

    I am using an Android mobile but it looks very ordinary in terms of UI . I have heard that we can customize it using Go Launcher so installed Go Launcher as well but after installing this, my mobile starts hanging too much. What's the issue and can I fix this issue? If yes then how?

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    Re: Mobile Hangs too much after installing Go Launcher

    The main problem behind it is go launcher uses more ram memory in your phone it eats up minimum of 45mb of ram and increasing.
    if you install go themes,go locker your cpu loads up quickly
    so may be you phone has a little amount of ram and may be the cpu is very slow.
    so,its better to stick with your default launcher or say launcher pro( uses 22 mb ram ),launcher 8( uses 10 mb ram).

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