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    Mobile's bluetooth only working for 120 seconds

    I have and android mobile.It would be important to mention that I am a newbie of android and thus don't have much information about it.I have a wireless parrott c3100 which works fine for 120 seconds(as far as mobile's bluetooth is visible) but after that it disconnects the connection.It is freezing my mind.I have tried to solve this issue a lot but still finding its solution.

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    Re: Mobile's bluetooth only working for 120 seconds

    You can Find it's solution here.
    Go to the Bluetooth icon in your Android mobiles and Tap on that so that in the Next screen it appears as the Settings of Bluetooth and To Turn On or Off.
    So choose settngs so that you can set the Bluetooth settings whether your device has to be visible for the Particular time.
    You can choose View permanent or show permanent so that you get solved with this problem.
    All the Best !

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    Re: Mobile's bluetooth only working for 120 seconds

    You can not do anything about it.This is in built feature so it is not possible to change it.It is important to make your device visible when you are about to receive any files or data etc. But when you are about to send any thing then there is no need to activate Visibility of your device because when you send anything via Bluetooth then at that time your device scan for other device.On other hand when you receive anything via Bluetooth at that time other device scan your device so that you need to make your device Visible.Once you activate visible of Bluetooth then you have to use it within 120 seconds but if you surpass 120 seconds & still receiving any files then phone will not disconnect.It will be disconnected if you don;t receive any file even after 120 seconds.This is the explanation your question.

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