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    Music received via Bluetooth on LG Spectrum Android phone too vague

    All of the music files received via Bluetooth on my LG Spectrum Android phone seems vague and because of this I am not able to enjoy those songs properly. Why is it so? What can I do with this issue?

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    Re: Music received via Bluetooth on LG Spectrum Android phone too vague

    The files that are received from bluetooth that is from another device are vague and this might be due to the reason that the files are of poor quality and due to which you are not able to enjoy the music in a proper manner and this issue can be solved by using proper songs, also if the songs are clearer in the other device and it is bad in your device then that might be a speaker issue which is causing the problem which is an hardware issue, so it is better to take the device to an authorized service center of LG. If that is not the fault please make sure that you do not have any option enabled in the phone that is sending the files as to compress and send them as it will reduce the sending time if that is the problem then your songs might be of bad quality due to that.
    Hope this Helps.

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